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Terms and Conditions

Listing offers

It is recommended to issue offers in English but there is no ban on displaying in another language.

Sell ​​offers are issued for 21 days, offers without restrictions, buy offers without restrictions.

Offers that will contain prohibited items, vulgar words, offensive content will be removed!

Forbidden Items

  1. Articles only for adults
  2. Sexual gadgets, pornographic content,
  3. Firearms, different weapons
  4. Personal and official documents
  5. Personal data
  6. Mail list
  7. Illegal software
  8. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
  9. Drugs issued on prescriptions
  10. Non-property people
  11. Hazardous materials, subject to restrictions
  12. Fireworks, fireworks
  13. Counterfeit products
  14. Offers of activities related to the Financial Pyramid
  15. Subjects or photos containing content that incites hatred based on national, ethnic, racial, religious differences, etc.
  16. Human, animal orders

And non-listed items that are not allowed to sell in your country.

This list may differ depending on the country.

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